About us

Inter Proekt is an architecture studio whose mission is to design, build, supervise and consult on the construction of various buildings.


In the first beginnings of the liberalization of the market and private property and as an immediate need of these areas for the proper organization of the construction sphere, began the organization of architects and engineers in various firms and organizations, where a considerable number of offices were opened. For design, construction and supervision of facilities.

One of those offices-studios is also the studio Inter-Proekt, which was founded on 20.04.1992, as an architectural studio for design, construction and supervision and consulting, with a professional staff, with graduated architects, civil engineer, civil construction and professional administration.

For a period of over 25 years, they managed to have in their account hundreds of thousands of projects for the construction of various facilities, over 50 facilities built according to the model "key on hand", with a large number of supervision of facilities in construction and a considerable number of professional consultations in the field of architecture and civil engineering.

Today, Inter-Proekt is a design studio, which with over 25 years of experience, dominates the space of western Macedonia with its projects, where there is a professional staff of architects and engineers with a long experience in their field. , and has been expanded with two offices concentrated in the city of Tetovo.


Armend Shaqiri

CEO & Architect

Sabit Shaqiri

Construction Engineer

Valdete Pajaziti


Veli Pajaziti


Berat Shaqiri

Construction Engineer



Now, as you were able to get a picture of who we are, it is up to you to contact us and lay the foundation for a new and successful business relationship. Our team is here to help.

Contact info

Dervish Cara 39, Tetovë 1220, North Macedonia

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